Nautilus testcases in Desktop Maverick Beta (archived)

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Legacy testcases for 'Nautilus'TypePassedFailedRunningBugs
Device Management Audio CDDevice Management Audio CDMandatory3--
Device Management CameraDevice Management CameraMandatory1--
Error message: Unable to unmount the camera at this time (#631759)
In: shotwell (Ubuntu)
Status: Fix Released
Importance: Low
Assignee: None
1 reports, 15 comments, 3 subscribers, 0 duplicates
Device Management DVDDevice Management DVDMandatory3--
Device Management USB driveDevice Management USB driveMandatory4--
Device Management USB MusicDevice Management USB MusicMandatory2--
Folder ManagementFolder ManagementMandatory6--
Network connectionNetwork connectionMandatory-1-
Dbus error when clicking network icon in nautilus - Error: DBus error
org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply (#631740)

(master bug of duplicate: 631707)
In: nautilus (Ubuntu)
Status: Fix Released
Importance: Medium
Assignee: None
1 reports, 17 comments, 3 subscribers, 6 duplicates