Testsuites for 'Unknown' series

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Testcase title in 'Legacy testcases for 'Calculator''Testcase status
Advanced ModeMandatory
Basic ModeMandatory
Financial ModeMandatory
Mode SwitchMandatory
Programming ModeMandatory
Testcase title in 'Legacy testcases for 'Empathy''Testcase status
Additional FeaturesMandatory
Basic Account CreationMandatory
Complex Account CreationMandatory
Joining a chatMandatory
Joining an IRC RoomMandatory
Testcase title in 'Legacy testcases for 'Evolution Mail And Calendaring''Testcase status
Add A TaskMandatory
Address BookMandatory
Basic UsageMandatory
Evolution Setup (First Run Only)Mandatory
Online Address BookMandatory
Online Calendar ImportMandatory
Testing Mail Send and ReceiveMandatory
Testcase title in 'Legacy testcases for 'Firefox''Testcase status
Change SearchMandatory
Google BarMandatory
Testcase title in 'Legacy testcases for 'Nautilus''Testcase status
Device Management Audio CDMandatory
Device Management CameraMandatory
Device Management DVDMandatory
Device Management USB driveMandatory
Device Management USB MusicMandatory
Folder ManagementMandatory
Network connectionMandatory
Testcase title in 'Legacy testcases for 'Network Manager''Testcase status
3G - Establishing a connectionMandatory
Cisco VPN (vpnc) - Establishing a connectionMandatory
Cisco VPN (vpnc) - Import/ExportMandatory
Connection Types: EthernetMandatory
OpenConnect VPN - Establishing a connectionMandatory
OpenConnect VPN - Import/ExportMandatory
OpenVPN - Establishing a connectionMandatory
OpenVPN - Import/ExportMandatory
PPTP VPN - Establishing a connectionMandatory
PPTP VPN - Import/ExportMandatory
Wireless/Wifi Establishing a connectionMandatory
Wireless/Wifi - No encryptionMandatory
Wireless/Wifi - WEPMandatory
Wireless/Wifi - WPA/WPA2Mandatory
Testcase title in 'Legacy testcases for 'Overlay Scrollbars''Testcase status
1. Scrollbar displayedMandatory
2. Keyboard ScrollingMandatory
3. Scrollbar Thumbs displayedMandatory
4. Scrollbar Thumbs scrollMandatory
5. Scrollbar Thumbs disappearsMandatory
Testcase title in 'Legacy testcases for 'Sound Menu''Testcase status
Sound Menu PavucontrolMandatory
Sound volume iconMandatory
Testcase title in 'Legacy testcases for 'Ubuntu One''Testcase status
Ubuntu One bookmarks install/setupMandatory
Ubuntu One bookmarks syncMandatory
Ubuntu One Contact PickerMandatory
Ubuntu One Evolution contacts initial setupMandatory
Ubuntu One Evolution create new contactMandatory
Ubuntu One Evolution sync contactsMandatory
Ubuntu One existing user, initial setupMandatory
Ubuntu One new user, intial setupMandatory
Ubuntu One Preferences connect to serviceMandatory
Ubuntu One Preferences disconnect from serviceMandatory
Ubuntu One Preferences limit bandwidth usageMandatory
Ubuntu One Preferences remove and add computer to accountMandatory
Ubuntu One Preferences remove computer from accountMandatory
Ubuntu One share folder with new contactMandatory
Ubuntu One stop synchronizing folder outside ~/Ubuntu OneMandatory
Ubuntu One synchronize fileMandatory
Ubuntu One synchronize folder outside ~/Ubuntu OneMandatory
Ubuntu One Tomboy sync notesMandatory
Ubuntu One Tomboy sync setupMandatory
Testcase title in 'Legacy testcases for 'Unity Launcher''Testcase status
Copy content from browser into documentMandatory
User Checks EmailMandatory
User downloads content.Mandatory
User loads image into a web browser.Mandatory
User organises favorite applications onto LauncherMandatory
User removes applications from the Launcher.Mandatory
User uses new application from App Lens.Mandatory
Testcase title in 'Legacy testcases for 'Unity Touch''Testcase status
1. User moves a windowMandatory
2. User resizes a windowMandatory
3. User moves a window from maximised to restored stateMandatory
4. User opens and then closes the DashMandatory
5. User reveals the LauncherMandatory